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Ubuntu Hideout CD Images Mirror

What is this mirror?

Ubuntu Hideout runs a CD Images mirror that mirrors releases.ubuntu.com for installer ISOs.

These are official ISOs produced for the Ubuntu distribution and are synced every 4 hours from the main releases.ubuntu.com ISO servers. You can download these ISOs and install Ubuntu with them just as if they were from the ubuntu.com “Download” page.

Why do you have this?

We wanted to give back to the Ubuntu community, and as such we decided to run a CD Images mirror.

Why a CD Images mirror and not a full repository mirror?

Two reasons:

  1. A CD Images mirror only takes 20 - 30GB of space at most, and doesn’t require a ton of resources to operate.

  2. A full repository mirror takes well over 2 - 4TB of space, and that’s VERY EXPENSIVE to run. We are just community members, we don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to run huge-sized Ubuntu repository mirrors. Because of the huge size of the full repo mirrors, we can’t run those due to the resource costs.

Where is this mirror hosted?

This mirror is hosted by one of our members on our behalf in a datacenter in New York City, NY, United States.

How can I access the mirror?

We’ve got a few ways. They’re all listed on the Launchpad page for the mirror.

For usefulness, however, the methods of access are here:

Why no HTTPS yet?

Currently, we inherit the releases.ubuntu.com CSS stylesheets, as this is a straight mirror. In accordance with HTTP spec and compliance, if we go to HTTPS, we need all CSS objects and embeds to be served over HTTPS. While we can include HTTPS items from the releases.ubuntu.com site, the releases.ubuntu.com server and site currently do not have an HTTPS component. As such, the CSS does not properly get loaded because of mixed security content, and we can’t force HTTPS for the style because the releases.ubuntu.com main servers do not have HTTPS available at the moment.

There is a ticket on rt.ubuntu.com requesting that the stylesheets be able to be dynamically loaded as HTTP or HTTPS, which was completed, but we are waiting on the Canonical web team and Server Administration teams to get a releases.ubuntu.com certificate and set up releases.ubuntu.com to also have an HTTPS listener. Once that is complete, we can start working to serve over HTTPS.