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Halloween Icon Contest

You probably noticed already that it’s mid-October and many other Discord servers in your list might have started glowing in pumpkin orange to celebrate the spooky season.

Let’s do that too, but because we are bad at making art love involving the community, that is @everyone of you, we decided to turn this into a little contest!

What is the task?

All we want you to do is to design a seasonal Halloween-themed icon that we can use to represent this server for a few weeks.

This can be either a computer graphic, photo, or even scanned hand-drawn picture. Any kind of graphic is welcome. Regarding the topic, it must be obviously related to both Ubuntu and Halloween. How you combine those is up to you.

After we collected all submissions, you will be able to vote for your favourite and determine the winner this way.

Any other requirements or restrictions?

Your graphic has to be usable as server icon, that means a reasonable resolution and roughly square shape are required. It must also still look good when scaled down to the server icon size. Prefer clear outlines and visible contrasts over tiny details and too many colors.

And of course, it must be your own work and you must grant us full permissions to freely use it for this server in any way we want.

What is the timeline?

You have roughly one week from now on, until Wednesday, Oct 24, 23:59 UTC, to submit your artwork.

We will then review and publish the results as soon as possible and present the winner.

How do I participate?

Please send us your creation privately so that we can publish them all together. You have these options:

And what does the winner get?

Good question. Unfortunately, we can’t really offer you any material gifts like stickers or so, as we don’t have such cool stuff (yet?).

However, the winner will get at least a shiny colorful role to highlight their status as contributor to this community. What perks exactly this might include in the future is still open, but at least you can feel honored… and it’s fun, right?

What is that background image on this page here?

It’s a wallpaper designed by Joe Steiger, found below his YouTube video from 2010 about theming Ubuntu for Halloween. Here is a direct link.