Ubuntu Hideout

Your friendly Ubuntu community on Discord

Who are we?

Welcome! I am ByteCommander, I maintain our community along with the Moderators. We are a community of Ubuntu and open-source enthusiasts who enjoy discussing Ubuntu, learning new things and helping others, whether they are interested in trying the OS or need some friendly guidance to resolve an issue they have run into.

We are neither an official help desk, nor affiliated with Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) or any other third party, just a few friendly people with a passion for Ubuntu and the willingness to help others.

Our server came to be through the help of many people from communities such as Ask Ubuntu who were some of our first members and the contributions of the many people who have joined since then, be it to say hello, stay for some chit-chat or asking for/ providing help in the support channels. There are too many people to name, but I extend my thanks to them all.

What is Discord?

Discord describes itself like this:

All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life.

I personally like it becaue it is free, flexible, light and cross-platform, offering both desktop and mobile clients for most platforms including Linux as well as a full browser client, so you don’t even have to install anything if you’d prefer not to. Registering a new account only requires a valid email address!

Why did we make yet another communication platform for Ubuntu users?

Great communities such as Ask Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Forums, the Ask Ubuntu subreddit, and numerous more already existed, including local and non-English communities. Discord, however, was a new and shiny platform when we created this (and it still is) which did not seem to have any significant Ubuntu-related places yet, so we made one.

It’s also less an archive of collected posts like the others, but more of a place to meet and spontaneously seek help in direct communication, allowing individual support in realtime when someone who can help is online. At the beginning of October 2018, the server has over 750 members, so it should be possible to find people most of the time!

And what is this website good for?

We want a nice little homepage which we can use to show around to attract new members, allowing them to read about us and inform themselves before they have to decide whether they want to try and join us or not. I believe this is quite nice for people who do not have a Discord account yet and are not sure whether it is worth to make one.

Other than that, it can host all kind of useful information for our own server members as well, like e.g. the rules and some general help about how to use Discord, this server and its channels or how to interact with our few chatbots.